Investment Process

Our investment process is managed by a 7-person team who collaborate across research, financial analysis, and portfolio management and who are supported by operating partners that provide origination, diligence, and asset management. As value-oriented investors, we employ a rigorous investment process based on fundamental, bottoms-up financial analysis to identify, appraise and acquire mispriced assets.
  • Collaborative

    Our one team approach brings together specialized experience across private and public markets, credit and distressed debt, and real estate investing.

  • Value Oriented

    We invest with a value-orientation which emphasizes margin of safety and fundamental research and aims to generate high risk adjusted returns over the long­ term for our investors.

  • Opportunistic

    Our process gives us the flexibility to identify and acquire mispriced assets with attractive payoffs in non crowded parts of the capital markets or during times of stress.

  • Research Driven

    Investment ideas compete for capital and are subjected to an in-depth, critical assessment to determine specific risks and rewards within our circle of competence.

  • Risk Focused

    Risk is monitored at the investment level through rigorous analysis and valuation and at the portfolio level through a strict scoring system and sizing criteria.